Sunday, 11 September 2016


Well, hello . It's been while since my last entry posted on 13/11/2013 . Actually, i did a story, but I am not in mood to continue my story . Blah blah blah . THAT IS ME . I AM TOOOOO LAZY TO DO EVERTHING ^

    So today is wukuf day . Everyone were fasting and tommorow is Raya Haji . So selamat hari lembu . Cuti for 1 week 




I love capslock , it is so black . My result for SPMTRIAL not good enough . I need to study hard for the real exam . So I decided to give my phone *like it gonna happen* I don't know , I will try to give my phone to my umi . At least i am trying ok boombayahhh<<

*sleepy af*

I hope my life is going to be ok . I just , when I will realize about what I am doing is lagha !! Please ila , back to your sense . I know one day you can fight all the lust . Niat nak berjaya kerana Allah swt , nak masuk syurga Allah swt . Niat kena betul baby . 

This is my entry , if you dislike it . I don't give a damn . idgaf